Yellow pumpkin in Naoshima
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Backpacking in Japan: Naoshima Island

One of the places I enjoyed the most during my adventures in Japan was the small island of Naoshima. If…

Viewpoint Mijayima
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Hiking and Exploring Mijayima Island in one day

Backpacking in Japan is full of adventures and great places to visit. Because of its horrific history, a common destination…

Hiking Mount Fuji solo
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Hiking Mount Fuji with no guide

Possibly the most iconic view of Japan, Mount Fuji is the highest volcano in the country and a regular bucket…

Camping in Lake Biwa
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Solo Camping near Kyoto: Lake Biwa

If there was one destination in Japan that surprised me for its tranquility and beauty that was Lake Biwa in…

Hitchhiking in Japan sign
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Solo Hitchhiking in Japan

Japan is not the most backpacking-friendly destination when it comes to travelling on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you…