Hiking in Langkawi
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Hiking in Langkawi. The best hike on the island!

The island of Langkawi is generally associated with cheap alcohol and tobacco because of its duty free stores, and whilst…

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Camping in Penang – Georgetown

If there was something I knew before arriving to Georgetown from feedback I got from other backpackers is that I…

Hiking in Taman Nagara
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Hiking in Taman Negara in November

Monsoon season in Malaysia means that even if you don’t care about getting wet, many of the most visited places…

Hiking Penang Hill
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Solo Hiking in Penang Hill – Georgetown, Malaysia

Upon arrival to Penang and asking at my hostel in Georgetown on what sort of stuff I could do around…

Solo travel in Penang
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5 Nights solo travel in Penang/Georgetown

Having heard so many things of Penang in the past, I was quite looking forward to get there, as usual…

Kuala Lumpur hiking
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Hiking in Kuala Lumpur: Bukit Tabur Trail

I did this hike while spending 3 days in KL. As I’m always looking to do something a bit off…

Bukit tabur viewpoint
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3 Days solo travel in Kuala Lumpur

I arrived to KL by bus from Malacca and thought of it as just a stepping stone towards my next…

Malacca backpacking
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2 Days backpacking in Malacca.

I arrived to Malacca, or Melaka, by bus from Singapore where I stayed 4 days. I knew it’s an Unesco…