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hiking in the lake district

Hi! Normally my friends and family find it funny when I tell them the things that I pack (or not pack) on my backpacking trips, as I tend to go as minimal as I can.

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For me, to reduce the weight that I’ll be carrying on my shoulders for a few days is an important part of the little planning that I tend to do.

I have not always taken travel insurance, but for my year of adventures I decided to go on the safer side, here you can check my honest post on travel insurance while backpacking.

Every destination is different and the weather conditions will also influence on what I pack, whether is a camping trip or staying in hostels, etc. so there’s not a simple formula.

Some “fix” rules that I do have are:

-Only If I’ll doing some consecutive multi-day hiking I carry walking poles.

-For trips shorter than 20 days I take only 3 t-shirts (quick-dry), 3 pairs of socks and 3 Boxers and do my laundry every time I take a shower.


-If food is not available at my destination, I prefer to take self heating meal packs than carrying a stove, cooking implements and ingredients, you save a lot of weight, cooking time and washing-up time when you’re tired. The packs are also surprisingly tasty!

-For hiking days I “budget” x2 snickers bars per day.

-If I’m staying in hostels or camping in the same place for more than a night, I add a small day-pack for the hikes.

Again, each trip is different, but as a reference, this is what I packed for a 3-day hiking/camping trip in the Lake District in (The British) summertime:

-Rucksack: Osprey Kestrel 68l
-Tent: MSR Elixir 2
-Sleeping bag: Haglof Tarius -5
-Head torch: a good selection here
-Walking poles
-Anti-blister kit
-x1 Roll of toilet paper
-Sunglasses: Oakley EvZero
-Book (check out my post about my travel books)
-Quick dry towel
-Toiletries (tooth brush/paste, deodorant…)
-x2 Plastic bags, one for rubbish and one for wet clothes/flipflops

-x2 Quick dry T-shirts
-x2 Boxers
-x2 Pairs of socks
-Hiking trousers (zippable to shorts)
-Base layer top and bottom
-Mid Layer top
-Waterproof shell jacket
-Glove liners
-Flip flops
-Hiking boots


-x5 Self heating meal packs
-x2 Water bottles
-x6 Snickers bars
-x1 Bottle of Whiskey (optional!)

Is there anything that you normally carry that you don’t use? leave it at home and stop carrying useless weight! if you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment!

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