hiking in taiwan
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Best Places to go Hiking in Taiwan

If you’re looking to go hiking in Taiwan let me happily tell you that this is a hiking playground! I…

things to do in japan kyoto
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Things to do and places to visit in Japan

Kon’nichiwa! After slow-travelling for two months in this beautiful country is easy to say that there are so many incredible…

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Taiwan’s Stairway to Heaven: Hiking in Dakeng

Hiking in Taiwan is a paradise for outdoor lovers. There are so many trails, from easy and simple for novices…

solo hiking jiaming lake
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Solo Hiking to Jiaming Lake in Taiwan

Backpacking in Taiwan guarantees loads of magical places. This small off-the-radar country is mostly a hidden gem for the masses…

Baiyang trail hanging bridge
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Camping in Taroko Gorge – Backpacking in Taiwan

One of the most common destinations to visit when backpacking in Taiwan is the Taroko National Park. There are quite…

Water curtain cave entrance
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The Baiyang Trail: a walk to the Water Curtain Cave

As my days camping in Taroko Gorge were coming to an end, I just had time to squeeze one more…

Hiking the Zhuilu Old Road
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Hiking to the most scenic spot in Taroko Gorge

If you have added Hiking in Taroko Gorge to your bucket list of places to visit in Taiwan you’re in…

Hiking the Lushui-Wenshan Trail
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Hiking in Taroko: the Lushui-Wenshan Trail

On my days camping in Taroko National Park I was over the moon. This part of the world is breathtakingly…

Backpacking in Busan
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Travel to South Korea: 8 days itinerary

South Korea is one of those countries that do not top the list of most travellers when travelling in Asia,…

Phu Chi Fa viewpoint
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A Thai hidden gem? Go camping to Phu Chi Fa!

When I visited the town of Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand I didn’t plan to go camping in…

Hiking in Dulan
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Hiking in Dulan. It’s not all about the surf!

Down in the east coast of Taiwan you can find the small town of Dulan. Good vibes and a friendly…

Camping in Sanxiantai
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How to go solo camping in Sanxiantai

After a night of storms, stars and a magical sunrise, camping in Sanxiantai has been one of the coolest spots…