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Hiking in the lake district

I often get asked “Do you go on your own?” and more frequent than not the answer is: YEAH!! although the very first time you travel solo it may seem a daunting experience, also depending on the destination, I cannot recommend highly enough to everyone to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world.

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If you’re planning for a longer trip, have a look at my post about the sort of things I planned before my year of solo adventures travel

Certainly, not everyone has the same curiosity to travel and explore remote places, the same as not all of us like to go on a clubbing holiday, but if you’re reading these lines I guess you may be thinking on taking a step towards your first solo travel.

Although to travel with friends could create memories that you will be remembering every time you hang out together, it also causes the nuance of having to agree on everything, from the place you stay to sleep, where to eat, where to go, at what time, walking or by taxi, “it’s too hot, I don’t want to go out now”, “I want to sleep more”, and an infinite etcetera…

On the other hand, travelling solo will give you not only freedom to do whatever you like, but it will also push you into a new place where sooner or later you will be interacting with the locals, whether asking for directions, recommendations on where to go/eat/sleep.

Solo camping great wall of china

I always take the opportunity on these talks to ask about life on the place I’m visiting. This makes me see life under different perspectives and makes me think of what I have and not have.

Most of the times, you’re talking to people that perhaps you may never see again in your life, which makes the moment even more honest as there’s nothing to hide or “reputations” to maintain.

You will create everlasting memories and will meet fantastic people, hear incredible stories and share moments that may be harder to experience when traveling with a group.

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Whether a family in Nepal invites you for dinner, the Cambodian tuk-tuk driver tells you the harsh reality of living there, a remote Costa Rican villager explains the long trips required for the weekly shop to avoid the expensive local mini market, the greatest thing is to know that these moments cannot be planned and will always be different no matter where you go.

I see those as true human moments, as social beens we are, out of the big smoke, we tend to support each other.

If you’re just thinking on your first solo trip. GO FOR IT! you will love it! just be responsible on your destination, if you know you’re in a poor country or an area that looks insecure, just keep your camera on your bag, forget about the commodities you may have in your home town and embrace the uncertainty!

I like to improvide my schedule, but if you’re going on your first solo adventure, maybe look out for cheap hostels, Workaways or start Couchsurfing!

travel solo

Above all, don’t do something you will not do back at home, take all your rubbish with you back home if you’re on a remote place, respect the local customs, try to learn about their culture, eat the local produce (please don’t be one of those eating pizzas in the Annapurna!)

Ready to go!? Enjoy your next solo adventure!

If you have any questions about how to start travelling solo, drop a line below!

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