Backpacking in Busan
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Travel to South Korea: 8 days itinerary

South Korea is one of those countries that do not top the list of most travellers when travelling in Asia,…

hiking in danyang korea
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Solo Hiking in Danyang. Backpacking in Korea

Being surrounded by stunning nature, of which there are 3 National Parks, caves, temples and delicious food all over the…

Solo backpacking in korea
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Things to do in Gyeongju – a one night visit

During my solo backpacking adventures in South Korea I arrived to the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (57 BC –…

Skywalk in Danyang
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9 Cool things to do while backpacking in Danyang

Halfway between Seoul and Daegu is the little town of Danyang. This little sleepy town is not normally on the…

Solo backpacking in Korea
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Things to know when backpacking in South Korea

Backpacking in South Korea doesn’t normally come on top of bucket list destinations for most travellers, and to be honest…

Hiking in Sobaeksan
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Solo Hiking in Sobaeksan National Park

One of the things I liked more about solo backpacking in South Korea is that you can hike a lot!…

Hiking Hallasan volcano
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Hallasan: Hiking the highest mountain in Korea!

Among all my adventures backpacking in Korea, hiking Mount Hallasan in Jeju island was surely the highlight of them all!…