Hiking in Lake Bohinj near Ljubljana – Slovenia

hiking in slovenia

Just before all the Covid-19 madness started, I travelled from Bulgaria for a short break in beautiful Slovenia, and just one day before they imposed strict lockdown measures I managed go for a stunning day hiking in Lake Bohinj.

Little did I know this would be my last escape to nature for a while!

lake bohinj

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This recap is for a 14 Km hike around the lake with a little bit of climbing in the nearest mountain and perfect for just a day activity when visiting Ljubljana.

The terrain is pretty flat and is accessible and it took me 2h 45min to do this, with plenty of stops for photos.

Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in Slovenia and it’s about half an hour after the more famous Lake Bled when you go from Ljubljana . I chose to go to Lake Bohinj after the locals that I met told me it was much nicer than Bled, also, by going by bus you will past right next to Lake Bled as well so you could stop for a bit there and visit both places on the same day if you wish!

lake bohinj slovenia

Located in the Bohinj Valley, the lake is part of Triglav National Park, where you can start some long hikes as I plan to do someday! as the global situation was not allowing for more than a quick trip I had to settle for a much shorter and less wild walk.

Fear not, a good day walk among the Julian Alps is definitely worth it! the landscape in this part of Europe is simply stunning I cannot wait to go back one day and explore a lot more!

On this post I’ll give you all the details on how to do this 14 km hike around Lake Bohinj and it will include a little bit of climbing as well, on a section that you could keep going much further if you have the time!

My Hiking Essentials

Where to stay in Ljubljana

Being quite a small town, location is not really an issue when looking for accommodation in Ljubljana, so it depends more on your budget. I stayed in one of the cheapest places I could find and it was a super nice stay. The Kvat Hostel was very clean, with a super cosy common area to chill with a book or meet other travellers and it also had one of the best breakfasts I ever had in a hostel as it had quite a large selection of freshly baked breads and healthy savoury and sweet toppings.

The ladies in reception were super helpful and friendly too considering how everyone was freaking out with Covid.


How to go from Ljubljana to Lake Bohinj

The lake is some 80Km away from the capital of Slovenia and it’s relatively easy to reach with public transport as there are direct buses going every hour or so. The journey should take between 90 minutes to 2 hours by bus, but there are beautiful landscapes which makes it really enjoyable.

The bus also passes by the famous Lake Bled which already allows for some cool pics.

I actually don’t know how much is the bus ticket because I went exactly one day before the first lockdown was imposed and the buses were running free but I believe is less than €5.

If you decide to stay in Lake Bohinj, there’s plenty of accommodation around even if it’s a small place so you could make this an overnight trip and hike properly as there are lots of trails in the mountains!

hiking in slovenia

Hiking around Lake Bohinj

I got off the bus at the first stop when I saw the lake and started walking counter-clockwise around the lake because I saw that one of the shores had no roads next to it.

Walking all around the northern shore is pretty flat on a well maintained gravel trail. There are plenty of clear spots by the lake shore to chill and enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are no shops on this side of the lake so make sure to bring some water and snacks with you.

hiking in lake bohinj
Ignore the time it says, the total was 2h45min

The first half is more on a wide path than on a trail but eventually this changes to a narrower trail.

Arriving to the far end from the bus stop you can choose to continue around the lake or follow a trail towards the mountains. Obviously I decided to go up! 🙂

hiking slovenia

Once you start going up you will soon find a ticket office to visit a nearby waterfall, the ticket only costs €3 but I didn’t go in as I have some mixed feelings against paying for natural places and the pictures by the entry were not suggesting this was a sight I’d regret not seeing but I still mention it as if it’s a hot day it may be cool to visit.

I kept climbing up a little bit more the mountain as I could see on the maps.me app that there were lots of trails there. Possibly enough to keep hiking for several days! Eventually I decided to climb back down and walk to the bus stop by the opposite end of the lake where I first started almost three hours earlier.

Feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions about Hiking in Lake Bohinj, and if you have been I look forward to hear about your adventures there!

hiking slovenia lake bohinj

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